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Online English Language Course Starting in September 2022

Are you a nurse or a midwife working in a public hospital/ health centre in the Kurdistan Region interested in learning the English Language? If so, you may want to join our English language course. for more information do not hesitate to contact us. 


Communication Skills Course for Midwives

We all know how communication skills are important for nursing & midwifery care. if you would like to improve yours, as an individual, or as a team, Contact us for further information. 


Helping Babies Breathe


Helping Babies Breathe teaches birth attendants (midwives, nurses, doctors) how to care for a newborn baby at birth and how to stimulate the breathing in babies who do not breathe well or do not breathe at all when born. The course is designed to master ventilation skills with bag and mask that can save the life of a newborn baby. If you deliver babies or assist in deliveries, consider participating in this course to improve your knowledge and skills and develop your competence. 

Helping Mothers Survive -

Bleeding after Birth


HMS Bleeding after Birth Course is designed to help birth attendants achieve mastery of skills needed to safely and effectively prevent, detect, and manage postpartum haemorrhage. The course works together with Helping Babies Breathe programme to build skills of health workers to competently care for both mother and baby during and after birth. To join the next training, contact us soon.

Essential Care of Every Baby


The Essential Care of Every Baby Course teaches health providers how to assess newborn babies, classify them according to the absence or presence of a health problem and provide care based on the assessment. It helps nurses and midwives identify and deal with danger signs that may require advanced care. If this knowledge and skills can help in your work, contact us to secure your place on the next training.

Essential Care of Small Babies


Essential Care of Small Babies focuses on the care of the well small baby, especially on maintaining a normal temperature, supporting breastfeeding and alternative feeding methods to give breast milk, preventing infections, and recognising and responding to problems and signs of illness. If you are working with newborn babies and are interested in this course contact us for more information.

Helping Mothers Survive-
Essential Care for Labor & Birth 


HMS ECL&B is a training course designed to improve the quality and experience of care for women and newborns during labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period. ECL&B builds capacity of the entire team of providers to give evidence-based, respectful care using the €œlow dose, high-frequency€ (LDHF) approach. 

Helping Mothers & Babies Survive-
Pre-Eclampsia & Eclampsia


HMS PEE is An educational guide and quality improvement tool for healthcare providers to detect, classify and manage pre-eclampsia and eclampsia to be used in preparation for, during and after course completion.



Coming soon.

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